Housekeeping & Hygiene

Our hotel implements a five-step superior cleaning process. Our practice continues and will continue by adding one more step to this five-step cleaning rule.

1. Preparation: Prepare the equipment and ventilate the place before starting the cleaning. Prepare the right cleaning materials. Review the safety instructions of the chemicals you use. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Use protective equipment. Take out all the trash in the place. Collect all the dirty home textiles in the place. Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning

2. Cleaning: Clean all surfaces from dust and dirt. (Cleaning Cleaning is removing germs and dirt from surfaces. For example, wiping the kitchen counter or top of the stove with a soapy sponge.) Wash home textile products at the highest temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Wash the dishes and empty the dishwasher

3. Sanitize: Sanitize all frequently touched areas, household appliances and electronic devices. (Sanitization is using chemicals to reduce the number of germs and bacteria. For example, spraying chemical disinfectants on frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs.)

4. Inspection: Perform the necessary inspection to ensure that the space has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

5. Final preparation: Get the room ready for the next guest and top up the missing supplies 6. Observation and social distance: Reduce the contact of the guests who enter the hotel daily with the remaining guests and keep our new guests under observation.